Twirlers Square Dance Club

Canyon Lake Twirlers Square Dance Club

Square Dancing in Menifee, California


Neil Booth has been square and round dancing 45 years, teaching and cueing for a total of 12 years. regularly teach classes for Neil's Diamonds RD Club in Canyon Lake, Yucaipa and Riverside.

Howard Delcambre has been cueing & teaching for 25 years. He cues regularly for 4 clubs twice a month each and teaches twice a week. I dance through phase IV. He and his sweetheart Lorraine live in Sun City, California.

Rey Garza has over 30 years of choreographed ballroom dance teaching experience.  He is an internationally known cuer who introduced Bachata to the round dance community.  Rey has choreographed many dances and teaches at all levels.  Sherry Garza has over 20 years of ballet, tap and jazz experience.  She quickly excelled in ballroom dance with her dance background.  Sherry also choreographs dances and assists in teaching at all levels.

Dawn Mee has been a well-known name in the clogging and round dance communities since it became popular in the mid 1970’s. As a founding member of the Cripple Creek Cloggers, she has danced and competed in clogging events across the country. Dawn has made sure that her traditions carry on, as each of her three daughters have become excellent advanced level Cloggers.   Dawn saw that her passion about dancing reached outside of the Clogging community and she has found a home in the Round Dance community as well.  She cues dances for clubs all across Southern California. In addition to her Round Dancing and Clogging, Dawn works part-time and is a full time mom.