Twirlers Square Dance Club

Canyon Lake Twirlers Square Dance Club

Square Dancing in Menifee, California


Hunter Keller has been around square dancing all of his life, having been dragged from dance to dance by his grandparents and parents. He met and become friends with many national callers with whom he is still friends today. After the death of his grandfather – his hero – in 2002, Hunter decided that he wanted to do something that would always remind him of his grandfather, and decided to start taking square dance lessons in 2004. A mere six months later he picked up a microphone and began calling. He eventually became the caller for four clubs, the Magic Diamonds, the 59ers, the Hoedowners, and, in 2008, revived his grandparent's old club, the Checkerboard Squares. Hunter called his first festival in July of 2007 in California and has also traveled to Japan, Germany, Australia, Canada, Belgium and Taiwan to call. He has also been staff on square dance land and cruise vacations as well. Hunter is a member of Callerlab. He is also past Callerlab Liaison for the State of Montana and is the past Chairman of the Callerlab Youth Committee. In October of 2007, Hunter attended the 4Dance Caller’s Academy in Napa, California with Scot Byars as the instructor. In June of 2008, he also attended the Yellowstone Callers College in West Yellowstone, Montana with Tony Oxendine and Jerry Jestin as the instructors. In 2008, Hunter was honored with a chance to become a recording artist for Royal Records. He recorded his first song, Wild Horses, in October of 2008.  Hunter now resides in Menifee, California. 

Jim Randall and Ray Holmes are a great duo.  Jim is from Poway, he’s been calling since 1973, while Ray is from Escondido and started calling in 1974. They started calling together in late 1974 and enjoy calling together quite a bit.   Jim and Ray have called the Twirlers March dance for the past several years.  In the early years they would change costumes between tips to accent the theme of the song they were singing. They still sing the songs, but the costumes have shrunk in the closet, so they don’t do that anymore.  

Pat Carnathan began square dancing in 1977 with his parents. In June of 1980 the club he danced with had an Amateur Callers' Night and though he was scared to death he was clearly hooked. His first professional dance came in September of 1981 and he picked up a regular gig in January of 1982. He now calls worldwide from Mainstream through A2.

A pianist since age six, Pat arranges all of Shakedown Records' music and performs most of the music heard on the records. Pat calls over 200 dances a year, including National conventions and festivals. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Public Administration from San Diego State University, and an Associate's Degree in Administration of Justice from Miramar College. 

Pat and his wife, Monica, started dating nearly thirty years ago, but, like many young people, split up and went their separate ways. The got back together in 2004 and were married in their Menifee backyard in 2008.

Michael Haworth began his square dancing adventures in 1984. He found himself singing along with the callers and quickly developed an interest that led him to a caller’s class. He began calling regularly in 1987 and enjoyed the counsel of several mentors over the years, including, Mike Sikorsky, Don Schadt, Michael Kellogg, Nate Bliss, Vic Kaaria, and Mike Duffy. During his calling tenure he became known for showcasing interesting choreography, and he developed a love for working with other callers.

1999 he gave it up for other things in life, where Michael concentrated on his engineering job and family. He still found time for a little formal study in jazz guitar, composing, and a variety of vocal pursuits. Recently, he found himself coming full circle and wandered back to square dancing and calling. Michael lives with his family in Lake Elsinore and is also in The Shakedown Square Dance Band.

David Mee has been calling for over 27 years. He began calling originally in 1975 at the age of 11; however he did not fully pursue the calling profession until 1980.  Since that time David has become a very popular, well liked and highly sought after caller.

Known for his playful yet professional style he calls dances in California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, among other states on a regular basis. He has also called dances internationally in several countries including Denmark, Sweden, and China. David calls and teaches all levels from Basic to A-2.

In addition to his square dance calling, David works as an executive for Disney, and as the saying goes; for David it truly is "The Happiest Place on Earth".  He also sings and plays the Piano with Praise Band at Central Community Church in Riverside California.

Dawn has been a well-known name in the clogging community since it became popular in the mid 1970’s. As a founding member of the Cripple Creek Cloggers, she has danced and competed in clogging events across the country. Dawn has made sure that her traditions carry on, as each of her three daughters have become excellent advanced level Cloggers.   Dawn saw that her passion about dancing reached outside of the Clogging community and she has found a home in the Round Dance community as well.  She cues dances for clubs all across Southern California. 

David and Dawn both enjoy playing cards, and spending time with family and friends!

Bob Baier has over 43 years of experience. Bob’s introduction to square dance calling came at the early age of 15 after taking square dance lessons at the age of 11.  He learned to call from Jim Hale and Red Dongue in 1970 at the Houston Callers Assn. Since this time he has enjoyed being involved in square dancing and calling. Bob s calls in excess of 220 dance sessions a year. Since he left Texas A&M in 1976 to become a full time professional square dance caller, he has been a featured caller for many festivals and dances in over 36 states and internationally in countries including Canada, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, and Germany.

Bob records for Elite Records, which is owned by one of his best friends, Pat Barbour. He is an accredited member of American Callers’ Association. He is also BMI/ASCAP licensed. He also has a new record coming out called “Come on ring those bells” on Ego records produced by his good friend Paul Cote.

When asked what he does in his spare time, he smiles and says square dancing, water skiing and “I just look forward to seeing you in a square.”

Johnny Preston began calling in 1976 while attending Wayne State University in Michigan. He is a full-time caller who travels across the United States and is often featured at festivals and resorts throughout the world - Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Germany, Holland, Japan, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and Sweden. Johnny was also featured as a square dance caller in a national television ad for Ameritrade.   Johnny is internationally known for his enthusiastic style and wonderful singing voice.

Calling Basic to C-1, Johnny is always a crowd pleaser at dances. ancers don't want to miss a dance when Johnny comes to town!

Johnny is also the founder of Hoedowns for Humanity, a foundation created to raise friends and funds for local affiliates of Habitat for Humanity as well as awareness of the square dance activity throughout the country. 

Johnny lives in Temecula, Calif.

Dale Dockery started calling in 1975 in Southern California where Dale taught 3 - 4 Beginners Classes a week. He also called for numerous Clubs Dances in California, Arizona, and Nevada. Dale also was the featured caller for Festivals, State Conventions, and National Conventions.  In 1990 he moved to Tulsa Oklahoma to become a Full Time Traveling Caller. He Called and Toured all over Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, Idaho, Montana and Washington. He also found time to start one of the biggest Plus Club in Tulsa. “The Tulsa Crossfires“. It was a DBD Plus Club, and lots of fun. He also started “The Cast-A-Ways”, which was an Advanced Club.

In 1996 the Islander RV Resort in Lake Havasu City, Arizona hired Dale to be there Resident Caller and Call for their Winter Square Dance Program. The program was from beginners thru advance. In 1999 he was hired by Lionshead RV Resort to do their Summer Square Dance Program in West Yellowstone, Montana.   In 2006 Dale became part of the Apache Trail Callers Association, which is in Apache Junction and Mesa, Arizona. There are 6 Nationally known Callers including Dale that works together to try and provide a Square Dance Program for all Dancing needs and wants, from Beginners to Challenge, workshops, brush-ups, dances, Special dances and lessons, at all levels. The program starts from the first of Nov. through the end of March.

In 2010 Dale & Pat bought a home in Apache Junction, Az. where they are laying down their roots. Dale still tours and travels several States in the Spring, Summer and Fall.   During the Winters Dale has A Winter Program that he is always trying to improve, and working with the Apache Trail Callers Association in helping to provide a great program for all dancers

Cliff Simpson began his Square Dance career in 1960 in a little town outside Jacksonville, Florida.  Back then, only ten lessons and you were an expert.  In 1969, after showing an interest in the choreography and learning how callers move the dancers around, he had a microphone shoved into his hand and the rest is history.  Cliff has called from beginners through Challenge 3A.  He believes you meet the nicest people Square dancing.  That's where he met Peggy so it must be true.  Cliff has called in 43 States, Canada, Mexico and Japan.


Cliff joined the US Marine Corps in 1964 and rose through the enlisted ranks, received a Commission and retired as a Major.  He is also retired from the California Courts and now calls full time.  He teaches for the Riverside Single Swingers and the Palm Springs Boots in Squares.  He believes Square Dancing is only 0ne percent talent and 99 percent fun. 


Cliff often calls with one of his good friends, Brent Lively. Every time I’ve been to one of their joint dances it’s a blast watching them their wild & crazy hats.   Cliff also teams up with other callers to donate their time for the Breast Cancer dance.  When he’s calling on his own, he is well known for calling a great dance and dancers come from far & wide to attend his dances.  Occasionally, you may be fortunate enough to dance the Grand Colonel Spin that he’s well known for. 

Ken Bower was first introduced into square dancing in 1961 and within one  year started calling.  By 1965 he was traveling full time. Since then he has called in every state in the United States along with Australia, China, England, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan and Sweden to name a few. He has recorded for Chaparral Records since 1975 and now is on the Rhythm Records label.

He works at Golden Village Palms Travel Trailer Park in Hemet from November thru April calling dances and teaching classes from beginners through advanced. During the summer months he travels throughout the United States calling one night stands and working square dance weekends.

Ken and his wife, Dee, grew up and lived part of their married life in Iowa before moving to California in 1973. They have three children, six grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

One of the best things about square dancing is meeting new people and Ken is looking forward to seeing you around the square.

Rod Shuping began square dancing in 1969 when his Aunt talked him into learning to square dance.  Her way of asking was if he wanted to take lessons and if he wanted to use her Ski Boat again the next summer - she did mention that the answer needed to be the same!

Shortly after starting lessons he decided that he could do as well as the caller (he says "I was wrong") and started learning how to call and [he says] is still learning.  Rod called his first dance in 1971 and off he went.  In 1974 he moved to Fresno where he met a young man, Rick Hampton, who wanted to learn to call so he took him under my wing and showed him what he knew about calling by sharing a beginner’s class.  Rod said “that took all of 5 minutes”.  I don’t think so!


In 1977 he tried out for the position of club caller in Concord, California where he met his future wife Gail, who it turns out didn't vote for him.  Gail and Rod were married in 1978 and have three children; Crystal, Tiffany and Tony.  After moving around a bit they ended back in Lancaster where Rod was raised.


The young caller he helped learn to call had started a square dance record label a few years back and he asked Rod to join him on the label; they are now co-owners of Fine Tune Records.  Rod currently calls 4 nights a week teaching beginners through C1 and calling most weekends all over the State.


In 2007 he was diagnosed with throat cancer but after surgery and radiation treatment was able to resume calling as a full time job. Rod says that he truly loves the dancers and being able to call and entertain them, it is a true blessing to be able to work at a job I totally enjoy!

Vic Kaaria is the eternal kid! He started calling at an early age, and he is well known for his jokes and having fun.  Vic began calling in 1975. He enjoyed the geometric patterns, possibilities and arrangements along with the chance to actually sing. He learned to call in a class sponsored by a full time caller, Larry Jack. After calling for almost 3 years, Vic ran into another full time caller by the name of Skip Stanley. Skip offered to assist Vic and his career by helping Vic ‘fine tune’ his skills along with exposing him to many influential groups/clubs. This assisted Vic’s career greatly and formed a lifelong friendship with Skip.

Vic calls all levels from Basic through C3A, currently working on C3B. Vic has arranged and recorded many singing calls on various Square Dance Labels and is known for ability to harmonize with others. Vic began his musical ‘career’ at an early age as his mother taught Piano / Organ. At age 13 ½, he received a ukulele as a Christmas present. He was never seen without it until the following April when he was given his first guitar on his 14th birthday. Vic has been strummin’, pickin’ and grinnin’ ever since.

Vic currently resides in Redlands, CA with his wife, Shauna, and three very high-maintenance dogs. from there he travels far and wide throughout Southern California to teach square dancing almost every weeknight, as well as for calling dates. He and his wife Shauna are both in the Shakedown Square Dance Band.

Buddy Weaver began calling in his native state of Hawaii in 1977.  He is a third generation caller who lives with his family in North San Diego County where he is a pool contractor.

An accredited member of Callerlab since 1981 and an experienced coach of callers with expertise on many square dance calling subjects.  Buddy began recording for square dance labels in 1981, his first record was “New York, New York" for D&R Record Company.  Over the years, he has provided vocals for over 250 square dance recordings.  Presently, he is producer of the Blue StarHi HatDance Ranch, and Bob Cat labels. 

Buddy is the caller for Ruffles and Beaus, the only Plus DBD club in Southern California.  In thirty+ years of calling, Buddy has built many square dance clubs and festivals.